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This tutorial will be presented by Richard Jones. Richard has over a decade's experience as a hobbiyst writing video games; he has entered many game programming challenges and created the Python Game Programming Challenge (http://www.pyweek.org/) which has run for the last four years.

The tutorial will describe the many components that make up a game's code and walk the attendees through development of a simple game. Attendees are encouraged to follow along and must ensure they have a working Python (2.5+) and pyglet (1.1.4+) installation on their system.

The data to use in the tutorial (if you don't wish to create your own) is in Media:Asteroids-data.zip.

The full source code for the game is http://www.mechanicalcat.net/tech/asteroids.py.html

The code with added http://www.cocos2d.org/ flavour is http://www.mechanicalcat.net/tech/asteroids-cocos.py.html

The slides from the tutorial are Image:Tutorial-slides.pdf.