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Drupal Under the Hood

Drupal is a content management system / content management framework used to power hundreds of thousands of sites around the world, including Ubuntu.com and Whitehouse.gov.

This tutorial will provide a crash-course for developers on how Drupal's insides work and how to write modules to extend its default behaviour. The focus is on the forthcoming Drupal 7 release.


To get the most out of this tutorial, you should bring a laptop with the following:

Note that Drupal 7 is still in development. Stuff tends to work great on a standard LAMP stack of Apache 2, MySQL 5, and PHP 5.2. It should also work with SQLite and PostgreSQL databases, web servers other than Apache, and PHP 5.3; however, you may run into weird bugs. If so, thank you for alpha testing Drupal 7! :) Please tell us about them: http://drupal.org/project/issues/drupal

Example files

Since there's a lot of material to cover in a very short period of time, we'll have to have to sort of whip through these examples. But fear not; they are broken down step-by-step, and a heavily annotated version of the final module will be provided if you miss anything.


(coming soon)