Tutorials/Avoiding the Presentation Nightmare

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Sunday 17 from 13:30 to 15:00.    

Presented by Graham Lauder, New Zealand Marketing Contact for the OpenOffice.org project (also known as the bald, toothless guy from up there somewhere.)

If you're speaking and want see if your presentation is on target or maybe fine tune it then this will be the place to be. If you're thinking of presenting next year or at another event, then come along.

We'll be covering all sorts, what a really good presentation looks like (shamelessly stolen from Marc Heglund)

Audience interaction

Working a room

Working the camera


Selling it

and most importantly how to avoid presenting at the same time as Vik Olliver and his inferno... sorry infernal machines

Guaranteed results:

Win friends and influence people

Get asked back again

Better results with the opposite sex      

OK the last one may be a stretch but it never did any harm!  :D

It'll be informative, it'll be entertaining and afterwards, when it's time for you get up front, you will rock!

See you all there.