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Just some quick notes on the Samba4 and Friends BoF session.


What is Samba4?

Samba4 is the Samba Team's long running effort to produce an Active Directory domain controller. See Andrew Bartlett's talk at the SysAdmin mini-conf [1]

OK, so what is a "Friend"?

Like OpenChange, We're pretty friendly people, so just about anyone :-) The discussion will go wherever people want to take it, and will probably spill into the OpenChange BoF in the next session.

Who will be there?

Andrew Bartlett and Andrew Tridgell from the Samba Team will be there. We'll be answering questions and showing off the latest state of Samba4.

Insert your name and interest here!

Brad Hards - Support for easy installation and understanding the proposed architecture(s).
Mitch Davis - Samba 4 information appliances.

When will it be held?

As shown on the BOFs schedule.