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Just some quick notes on the OpenChange and Friends BoF session.


What is OpenChange?

OpenChange is a client, libraries and server (in various states of maturity) for working with the Microsoft Exchange RPC protocols (i.e. the on-the-wire stuff that occurs between Microsoft Outlook and Exchange). The end goal is to allow changing out clients and servers individually without changing anything else. So OpenChange is to mail / groupware as Samba is to network filesystems.

More details on the OpenChange website.

OK, so what is a "Friend"?

We're pretty friendly people, so just about anyone :-) The discussion will go wherever people want to take it. It might cover user requirements, how to get involved, other products, allied projects (e.g. from Samba4 Active Directory to libical).

Who will be there?

Brad Hards and Jelmer Vernooij from the OpenChange core team will be there. We'll be answering questions and showing off the latest state of OpenChange.

Insert your name and interest here!

When will it be held?

As shown on the BOFs schedule.