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Life Flight Trust

You are invited to make donations to the Life Flight Trust and be in to win an exclusive once-in-a-lifetime experience on Saturday 23rd January 2010.

The highest donor/s will win the grand prize - a trip for four people as honorary crew-members on a helicopter winch training mission!

You can donate as an individual and elect three friends of your choice to come along on this ride, OR enter as four people donating under one group name.

The Ultimate Prize:

Four people will be flown from the Life Flight Trust base in Wellington airport to a coastal training site where they will be winched from the chopper to the ground and up again all on an 8mm steel cable. A unique adrenaline-packed experience that money cannot *usually* buy.

The prize will also include

  • A cooked breakfast by the crew at Life Flight's Air Rescue Centre at Wellington International Airport at 8:00am
  • A safety briefing from the crew
  • Photo opportunity with crew and Westpac Rescue Helicopter
  • Return flights on the Westpac Rescue Helicopter from base to training ground
  • Participating on the winch training exercise

How do I make a donation and be in to win?

Donate with your credit card at All donations are made directly to The Life Flight Trust. Keep a look out around the venue screens for progress on donations. Remember you can donate individually or collaborate with others, and it will take place on Saturday 23 January (See Terms and Conditions for some exceptions).

The winner of this unique opportunity will be the highest donation received by 5pm FRIDAY 22 JANUARY 2010, and the winner will be announced at the Penguin Dinner on Friday night, so make sure you include your contact details (including mobile phone number) when you bid so we can arrange your flight. Allow 2 hours for this experience.

Thank you in advance for supporting Life Flight's critical emergency services, and the LCA2010 nominated charity.

Terms and conditions:

Life Flight is an emergency service. Emergency missions will take priority over the training mission. Due to safety requirements the training mission is also weather dependent, and may need to be postponed if the weather is not suitable or an emergency mission takes priority.