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Arduino / Pebble / ZigBee / assembly session

Location: Ustay common room, Level 1 at 237 Willis St When: Wednesday 20 Jan 7pm onwards


For anyone interested Andy and I(Jonothan Oxer) will be in the Ustay common room on Level 1 at 237 Willis St on Wednesday evening from 7pm onwards, equipped with soldering irons, tools, Arduinos, and XBee modules. If you didn't make it to the Arduino Miniconf and would like to see what it's all about you're most welcome to come along, and we'll also be trying to get a ZigBee mesh going with as many nodes as possible.

If you get to the lobby and need assistance getting in please SMS either +61 4 3851 6600 or +61 438 369 946.

Thanks again to everyone who helped out at the Arduino Miniconf: the assembly session went so smoothly only because there were so many people willing to give their time to make it a success.

Cheers  :-) -- Jonathan Oxer Ph +61 4 3851 6600

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