Early Bird Registrations have sold out! If you haven't already registered, you are too late, LCA2010 has been and gone!

Registrations were extended to accommodate 2010 new-found Amex processing capabilities. Only a limited number of tickets to 2010 remained, so you had to be in quick!

Registrations Opened 10 October 2009
Early Birds Sold Out 13 5 November 2009
Registrations Closes 24 December 2009

To register for 2010, please go to the Registration Page or simply click on the Conference Registration link in the toolbox.

Prices and Entitlements

All prices are in New Zealand dollars and include 12.5% New Zealand Goods and Services Tax.

  Kororā sponsor Professional Hobbyist Student
Regular Price $2250.00 $999.00 $499.00 $249.00
Miniconfs Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
Conference Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
Swag BagAt this late stage, swag is subject to availability, we can't promise anything!
Extra Goodies Yes! Yes! - -
Professional Listing Yes! Yes! - -
Sponsor Entitlements Yes! - - -
Professional Delegates Networking Session Yes! Yes! - -
Penguin Dinner Yes! Yes! $115.00 $115.00
Open Day Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Kororā Little Blue Penguin Sponsors

The Kororā Little Blue Penguin sponsorship is designed for those who wish to attend LCA2010 as a Professional Delegate as well as supporting LCA2010 by contributing financially to LCA2010. In recognition of this support, the Kororā Little Blue Penguin Sponsors logos and links are published on the Sponsors page and they have the opportunity to have a table at the Open Day.

To become a Kororā Little Blue Penguin Sponsor, simply register as a Kororā Little Blue Penguin, or email for more information.


The Professional rate is the standard conference rate. This rate applies to most people who have their companies pay the conference fees and charge it as a professional development expense, or for individuals who can legitimately claim it is a tax deduction. The benefits of a Professional registration include attendance at the Professional Delegates Networking Session (which is designed for people to network, not TCP/IP networking!), extra goodies in the swag bag, and a listing as a Professional Delegate on our website.


The Hobbyist rate is heavily discounted for free software enthusiasts who are paying out of their own pockets and would otherwise find it difficult to attend.


This concession rate is reserved for College or University Students. LCA2010 offers this rate as a form of investment in the future of the free and open source software community. As part of the registration process, a valid student ID card or proof of enrolment must be presented to the onsite registration desk. Any Student who cannot provided this will be required to register at LCA2010 as a hobbyist by paying the difference in fees between the Student rate and the Hobbyist rate.

Volunteers would not be as successful as it is, without having a dedicated team of volunteers to help run the conference. If you're interested in spending the week of LCA2010 helping run the conference, please register as a volunteer. The LCA2010 Call for Volunteers will be opening in November 2009. Watch this space!

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please sign up on our Volunteers Registration page, and join the Volunteers Mailing List.


There are a limited number of Media Passes available to media personnel. Media Passes are free of charge, and entitle media personnel to attend LCA2010 with all the entitlements of a Professional registration. Please note, due to the limited numbers of Media Passes available, all Media Passes will need to be approved by the LCA2010 Organisers.

To apply for a Media Pass, please contact after reading our Terms and Conditions.


LCA2010 Organisers have negotiated discounted accommodation rates with some of the local accommodation providers.

Please note, registration on the LCA2010 website DOES NOT book your accommodation. Please note, you must book your accommodation directly through the accommodation providers.