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When Free Software is against the law, only outlaws will have Free Software

Time:10:30 - 11:15
Day:Thursday 21 January 2010
Location:Renouf 2 (MFC)

Free Software is under threat from several quarters:

- The inexorable expansion of copyright
- Misguided or larcenous software patents
- The desire to control the Internet by companies whose business model it threatens
- The secret treaty ACTA

These are all real or potential law changes. They are being pushed by governments in response to lobbying from industries which cannot tolerate Free Software. They are contrary to the values of Free Software and to its continued existence.

Colin will explain how we allowed those who would outlaw Free Software to seize the initiative and what you can do about it.

Colin Jackson

Colin Jackson is a Wellington-based independent technology consultant and writer. He has over twenty years' private and public sector experience as a technologist, covering IT policy, the Internet, IT strategy, project management and IT security.