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Building a Database Kernel with Lego Like Parts

Time:16:45 - 17:30
Day:Thursday 21 January 2010
Location:Main Auditorium (MFC)
Project: Drizzle

A year and a half ago we rebooted MySQL from being a monolithic architecture to being a micro-kernel. This talk walks through the current architecture and philosophy around those decisions. We look at what are the components that make up a database, aka engine, rewrite, parser, join optimizer, etc, and explain how they are fit together and how you can replace these pieces with your own components.

Brian Aker

Brian has spent his life working on the details of how to build and scale out
systems. He is currently working on a new MicroKernel designed MySQL
called Drizzle and is building the plumbing required for a new generation of
large scale computer deployment. He also spends time working on Apache
Modules, Memcached, and Gearman.

Unlike most engineers you will never find him in a cubicle, he spends much of his
time traveling around the planet enjoying the diversity that is our world. In the past,
he has been involved with projects for the Army Engineer Corps, The Virtual
Hospital, Splunk, MySQL, and Slashdot. He calls Seattle his home since that is
where his dog Rosalynd is. He is employed by Sun Microsystems.