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Using Launchpad for Code Reviews

Time:16:45 - 17:30
Day:Thursday 21 January 2010
Location:Ilott Theatre (Town Hall)
Project: Launchpad

Launchpad provides code hosting through Bazaar branches. Branches are owned by users but also live associated with a project. Code reviews are conversations around the proposal to merge one branch into another. In most cases it is a feature branch (a branch that implements a feature or fixes a bug) being proposed to be merged into the main trunk branch for the project. Launchpad has both a web UI and an email interface around the review process. It was a design goal to be able to go through the complete code review process without even going to the Launchpad web application itself, but instead just using your email client. This talk covers the process around getting code reviewed using Launchpad, including what Launchpad offers around seeing what reviews are pending for you or a project you are interested in, whether the reviews are ones you are waiting on or reviews you have been requested to do.

Tim Penhey

Tim is one of the Launchpad "team leads" and manages the launchpad-code team that is responsible for the Bazaar integration and code review parts of Launchpad. Tim has been working from home in Dunedin for Canonical for almost three years now. Tim graduated from Otago University in 1994 with a Computer Science degree, and has been programming ever since in a variety of languages for many different companies.