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subunit: Testing across boundaries for fun and profit

Time:14:30 - 15:15
Day:Wednesday 20 January 2010
Location:Ilott Theatre (Town Hall)
Project: subunit

Is your project written in C but you want to integrate with Hudson? Or Java and you want to integrate with smolder? Perhaps you have some C++ in a mostly python project? Do you use libraries with global state that make things awkward and difficult? Does your test suite take too long to run?

Subunit is a test streaming and activity protocol. Similar but more capable than TAP, and more dynamic than JUnit's XML output, subunit allows test running introspection, archiving and pipelining. Subunit allows tests being run in different processes, or at different times to interoperate seamlessly.

The author of Subunit will present:

  • the design of Subunit
  • common uses such as:
    • isolation in interpreted languages
    • parallel, and massively parallel testing
    • edit-test-fix development loops

  • how to integrate Subunit into a test environment
  • how to build on Subunit to integrate with your-favourite-adhoc test report format

Robert Collins

Robert Collins is a testing fanatic. Working for Canonical on the Bazaar revision control system he codes Python/C by day and slays internet dragons by night. Robert has contributed to a variety of projects, from autotools through to Zope. Most recent he has been focusing on test infrastructure and is maintaining subunit, testresources and testscenarios, while submitting patches to make things work better upstream.