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Lessons Learned from a Growing Project

Time:11:30 - 12:15
Day:Friday 22 January 2010
Location:Ilott Theatre (Town Hall)
Project: Ruby on Rails

In less than 5 years Ruby on Rails went from a tiny project with a handful of contributors to being one of the leading web development frameworks. Ideas and techniques which were once attacked as "ridiculous" and "only useful for toy sites" have now been adopted by even our most vociferous opponents.

The growth of the project hasn't been smooth and the transition from 'rebel insurgent' to 'establishment player' has brought its own set of challenges to the community.

In this talk I'll cover a brief history of the project, with a focus on what we've learned about what does, and doesn't, drive technology adoption. All along I'll also focus on what does, and doesn't, foster a helpful and friendly community.

These lessons should be useful to advocates of all kinds of open source software, not just web development frameworks.

Michael Koziarski

Michael Koziarski (nzkoz) is a member of the Ruby on Rails core team, and a software consultant based in Wellington. After a successful stint as an enterprise Java developer, he switched to rails shortly after the first public release and has been helping build sites and businesses ever since. He’s the author of The Rails Way, a leading rails weblog, and an experienced public speaker.