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Implementing HTML 5 Video in Firefox

Time:11:30 - 12:15
Day:Wednesday 20 January 2010
Location:Renouf 2 (MFC)
Project: Mozilla Firefox

HTML5 introduces <video> and <audio> elements that allow media playback on the Web without requiring browser plugins. Mozilla Firefox implements these features using the Ogg Vorbis and Ogg Theora codecs and a number of related free software libraries. In this talk, we'll discuss the libraries we're using (libtheora, libvorbis, libogg, liboggz, libfishsound, liboggplay, libsydneyaudio), their strengths and weaknesses, and what we'd like to change in the future. We will explain why we're not using a media framework such as GStreamer. We will describe some of the Linux-specific implementation challenges we have faced, especially with audio.

Chris Double

Chris Double works for Mozilla at the Auckland office on implementing HTML 5 video and audio support in Gecko/Firefox. Prior to working for Mozilla he worked on a continuation based web application server written in Scheme for a Wellington software company, and worked on the Linux and Windows ports of Massive, the software used to render the crowd scenes in the Lord of The Rings movies.