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Making yourself popular: a guide to social success in (and for) the Linux community

Time:14:30 - 15:15
Day:Wednesday 20 January 2010
Location:Main Auditorium (MFC)

The Linux world is a big, scary place. Or, arguably, it's a small, insular and still scary place. But it's still made up of people, and most of these people bear a decent resemblance to the ones that people deal with in the real world. This presentation discusses learning the issues involved in becoming involved with a community of the single-minded, but focuses on how to behave once you're a member of that community. Issues covered include:

  • How to get involved in the first place
  • Why are all these people so obnoxious all the time
  • How to avoid being accidentally obnoxious
  • Why the community's worst enemy is itself

This presentation will consist of examples of people doing it wrong. Every effort will be made to avoid it being an example of someone doing it wrong.

Matthew Garrett

Matthew Garrett is a kernel developer at Red Hat, specialising in power management. He is opinionated. Sometimes he may be excessively so. He's very, very sorry about that and will express heartfelt remorse if this is pointed out.

He would prefer you not to ask him about Drosophila.