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What's New in the GNU Compiler Collection

Time:10:30 - 11:15
Day:Friday 22 January 2010
Location:Renouf 1 (MFC)
Project: GNU Compiler Collection

The GNU Compiler Collection just keeps getting better. Learn about new functionality and nifty optimizations that have been added in the last couple of years and hear what's on the horizon.

The GNU Compiler Collection includes compilers for seven languages and supports dozens of architectures and operating systems. Hundreds of developers are constantly improving GCC by implementing new language features, porting to new processors, and adding new optimizations to make your application run faster. Releases 4.2 and later have included many interesting changes, with exciting new developments in the works for upcoming releases.

Janis Johnson

Janis Johnson has been an enthusiastic contributor to the GNU Compiler Collection since 2001. She has helped develop a variety of GCC functionality including support for decimal floating-point arithmetic and is the GCC testsuite maintainer. Janis lives in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Besides developing free software, Janis enjoys spinning, weaving, and knitting a variety of fibres, particularly wool.