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Open Sourcing the Accountants

Time:13:30 - 14:15
Day:Wednesday 20 January 2010
Location:Ilott Theatre (Town Hall)
Project: The talk include numerious examples from various projects, but particarly from the Amberdms Billing System.

Love it or hate it, there is no way to escape the need for accounting - all businesses need to handle it and often the task is handled to the local company developers.

While developing the Amberdms Billing System, an AGPL-licensed accounting/billing/time keeping application and experience integrating ISP accounting systems with different packages, Jethro has learned a great deal about accounting software requirements from a developer's perspective.

This talk is ideal for anyone interested in open source replacements to commercial accounting packages, running a business, or needing to develop/integrate their tools with accounting software.

The presentation will clarify best practices for developing and integrating with accounting software, including the following key topics:

* Cursory explanation of the double-entry accounting system and a review of how accounts staff think.

* Overview of various open source accounting packages and how to develop for them and integrate with other applications.

* How to properly handle data accounting for ISP service billing (e.g.: data usage billing) and open source apps to make traffic counting easy.

* Mistakes commonly made by accounting packages that break legislation and make life hard for accounts staff.

* Legislation compliance for accounting software in NZ and how to write compliant software.

The talk will cover various open source software packages such as the Amberdms Billing System and SQL-Ledger to demonstrate examples and implementations of accounting software.

Attendees should have a basic understanding of general programming theory, accounting knowledge isn't a requirement but would be beneficial.

Jethro Carr

Jethro has many years of experience in the NZ IT industry, particularly with software development, open source software, Linux and providing support services to small and medium businesses.

In 2006 Jethro founded Amberdms Ltd a Wellington-based IT company and developed the open source Amberdms Billing System to better meet the needs of businesses and break the dependency on proprietary systems for business accounting.

In his personal time Jethro writes various articles, nifty applications and plays around with geeky ideas, which can be found on his personal website