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FOSS Fun With A Wiimote

Time:13:30 - 14:15
Day:Friday 22 January 2010
Location:Main Auditorium (MFC)

There's a library on Linux for talking (via bluetooth) to the Nintendo Wiimote (aka. IR Camera). Two years ago I used this to make "Pong Hero" for the Open Day.

But now a part-time single parent, my priorities have changed. Rather than designing games for kids from 5 years and up, I see opportunities to strap IR LEDs to babies and see what happens!

A heartwarming tale of technology and child services. 2 star.

Rusty Russell

Rusty Russell is a coder. He softly develops free software, sometimes for free. He's done a fair bit of Linux kernel work over the years, and enjoys conveying the excitement of collaborating with clever people on free software.