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Miniconf organisers and presenters: make sure you know about important Miniconf information.

The Miniconfs will be held on Monday 18 January and Tuesday 19 January 2010, each Miniconf running for 1 full day.

Miniconfs are miniature conferences, within the main LCA2010 conference, which are targeted towards specific communities of interest and offer delegates an opportunity to network with other enthusiasts while immersing themselves in a specific topic or project.

The LCA2010 Wiki has dedicated Miniconf pages, where the Miniconf Organisers have been uploading information about their Miniconf. For more information, please see: Miniconfs Wiki page.

LCA2010 Miniconfs

Arduino Jonathan Oxer
Bridging the gap Tim Penhey
Business of Open Source Martin Michlmayr
Data Storage and Retrieval Peter Lieverdink
Distro Summit Martin F. Krafft
Education Tabitha Roder
Haecksen and Linuxchix Joh Clarke
Libre Graphics Day Donna Benjamin
Multicore and Parallel Computing Nicolás Erdödy
Multimedia Conrad Parker
Open and the Public Sector Daniel Spector
Open Programming Languages Christopher Neugebauer
System Administration Simon Lyall
Wave Developers Shane Stephens