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Important Information

Emergency Dial 111 (for Ambulance, Police or Fire)
Wellington Hospital 39 Riddiford Street, Newtown
Doctors Port Nicholson Medical Centre, Lvl 2, 61 Taranaki Street
Pharmacy Radius Pharmacy, 16 Willis Street
Post Office New Zealand Post, 43 Manners Street
Supermarket New World Metro, 70 Willis Street
Visitors Centre Civic Square, 101 Wakefield Street

Car Parking

James Smiths Car Park

James Smiths Car Park is located opposite the Wellington Convention Centre

Type Time Rate
Weekday Casual $3 per hour
Weekday Early-Bird In: 6am-10am, Out: 8pm $12 per day
Evening 6pm - 6am $2 per hour, maximum $6
Weekend Casual Saturday & Sunday $2 per hour, maximum $6 per day
Weekday early-bird In: 6am-10am $3 per day

Michael Fowler Centre Car Park

Michael Fowler Centre Car Park is located beside the Wellington Convention Centre and has 3 disability parks available.

Type Time Rate
Weekday Casual Maximum 2 hours $4.00 per hour
Weekday Evening 6pm-12am $2.00 per hour
Evening 6pm - 6am $2 per hour, maximum $6
Weekend Day until 6pm, Maximum 2 hours Free
Weekday Evening 6pm-12am, no time limit Free


Here are some options for getting around Wellington:


TransMetro operate trains out of Wellington northwards. The Wellington terminus is Wellington Railway Station, at the north end of the CBD. The station is directly connected with the start of the main bus corridor through the central city, for connecting on to bus services.

The trains cover as far north as Upper Hutt (~20km north) on the Hutt line, and Paraparaumu along the coast (~50km north), and some lines run services overnight.

Timetables and routes can be found on the MetLink website.

Payment for fares can be made in cash on the train, or from ticket booths at Wellington Railway Station.


A number of companies operate buses in and around the Greater Wellington Area. Timetables and route information is under one umbrella at MetLink. Most Wellington City buses traverse a corridor from Wellington Railway Station to Courtenay Place through the CBD.

Fares can be paid for in cash, or by Snapper card on some services.

The conference facilities are on the main bus corridor. For north-bound buses, get off at Dixon Street and walk north along Cuba Mall/Street. For south-bound buses, get off at James Smith's Corner, and walk north along Cuba Street.


Wellington has a large number of taxi companies, servicing both Wellington and the larger region. Some companies of good reputation are:

Getting to/from the airport

There are three options for getting to/from Wellington airport to the CBD and beyond.

Airport Bus

The Airport Flyer departs from the ground floor of the airport, at the southern end. Buses depart about every 15 miunutes from 0630 until 2130. Services run to and through the CBD bus corridor, and out to the Hutt Valley. Most buses terminate in the centre of Lower Hutt, while others go on to Upper Hutt.

Fares are $8 to the CBD.


A number of companies operate multi-person shuttles from the airport. They depart from directly outside the Ground Floor. Fare vary, but typically expect about $15 for a single person, with $5 for each additional person, to the CBD. Shuttle services are door-to-door. Journeys from the airport do not usually need to be booked in advance, but pickup from hotels will need to be booked.


There are two taxi racks on the Ground Floor, across from the Shuttle departure area. One is for Wellington Combined Taxis, and the other for all other companies. You can choose any taxi at the rack (not just the first one). No driver can refuse you under normal circumstances.

Typical fares are around $30 to the CBD.

Mobile Phones

New Zealand's mobile networks are primarily based on GSM. There is one provider which has both GSM and CDMA networks. Check with your current provider if roaming to New Zealand is supported.

You can also buy pre-pay SIMs in New Zealand for many phones. Not all networks operate on the same bands, so not all phones will work on all networks, but the bands cover almost every network somewhere.

Vodafone NZ GSM 900; UMTS 2100 website
Telecom NZ GSM 850; UMTS 850/2100 (2100 in urban only) website
2degrees GSM 900; UMTS 2100 website