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# [[User:Atrophycaffeinatornet|Daniel Harmsworth]]
# [[User:Atrophycaffeinatornet|Daniel Harmsworth]]
# [[User:Lca2010adamharveyname|Adam Harvey]]
# [[User:Lca2010adamharveyname|Adam Harvey]]
# [[User:Joshjoshmatthewsnet|Josh Matthews]]

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The LCA Unprofessional Delegates' Networking Session is a chance for people on the cheaper tickets to mingle whilst the professionals visit the PDNS...

UpDNS this year is on the LCA Thursday at the Southern Cross Hotel, at the corner of Cuba Street and Abel Smith Street. It's about four blocks from the venue. We'll head up there at about 6:30.

Note that no costs of this event are covered by the conference, this is just a fun activity to fill in a Thursday night ;). Feel free to add yourself to the delegate list, if you're interested in showing up.

Delegates List

  1. Christopher Neugebauer
  2. Reece Sheppard
  3. Daniel Harmsworth
  4. Adam Harvey
  5. Josh Matthews