Things to See and Do in Wellington

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Websites for Tourism in Wellington


The main website for information about Wellington events, activities and sights. Bookings for various activities, including accommodation and travel, can be made on this site as well.

Feeling Great

Wellington's guide to recreation and events. Feel like going for a swim? Want to know a great mountain biking track? Like taking walks? Find out where on this site.

Wotzon Wellington

Gig guides, movie sessions, events, places to eat - all can be found here.

NZLive - New Zealand Culture online

You can search this site for cultural events, organisations and other links to do with Wellington.

Military Ruins

Capital Defence

Wellington has many ruins of coastal and air defence from the 1890-ish "Russian scare" and from World war 2. They are in various states of decay and varying levels of accessibility. Recommended are the the harbour entrance guns left in Fort Dorset, and the "Disappearing guns" ruins in Thorndon above the cookstrait ferry.

Ship Wrecks

HMS Wellington was scuttled in Island bay about 3 years ago, and is now a dive wreck.

There are numerous ship wrecks off the coast of wellington, and some decaying on the beaches that are > 100 years old Department of Conservation has more info.