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This page is simply a place to collect links to presenters' slides. Please add links where they are missing and correct links or schedule errors. If there are errors with videos, please drop an email to

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Business of Open Source Miniconf (Auditorium)

  • Ten Ways to Destroy Your Community by Josh Berkus video
  • Sharing Package Copyright and Licensing Data Effectively by Kate Stewart video
  • Get your personal financial house in order with gnucash by Jacinta Richardson video
  • Partnering with Hardware Companies for Open Software by Joel Stanley video
  • Accessibility requirements of software and implications for FOSS by Nic Steenhout video
  • The 100 Mile Client Roster by Emma Jane Hogbin video
  • Building a service business using open source software by Cameron Beattie video
  • Being an Upstart - building FLOSS compatible businesses by Arjen Lentz video

Open Programming Languages Miniconf (Ilott Theatre)

Wave Developers Miniconf (Renouf 1)

  • Building the Independent Wave by James Purser
  • A tutorial on building a collaborative text editing web application by Brett Morgan
  • Harnessing The Wave by James Purser
  • Wave-y Extensions by Pamela Fox
  • Google Wave and Web 2.1 by Sam Vilain

Haecksen and Linuxchix Miniconf (Renouf 2)

Libre Graphics Day (Civic Suites 1&2)

  • New Ghostscript Colour Architecture by Ralph Giles
  • Graphic Design Apps - Beyond The Pixel by Vik Olliver
  • Scribus by Jon Cruz
  • Die Flash Die - SVG has arrived by Andy Fitz
  • How to Use FOSS Graphics Tools to Pay for College by Elizabeth Garbee
  • Cairo Graphics - Intro and Future thoughts by Carl Worth
  • Blender 3D Modeling and Animation by Lance Flavell
  • All the Libre Graphics tasks I said I would do are DONE! by Jon Phillips
  • Cheap Visual Gimmicks to Make Your Designs 'NEW' by Andy Fitzsimon
  • Dynamic PDF reports via XSL and Inkscape by Peter Lieverdink
  • Inkscape: My Cheerleading Adventures by Donna Benjamin

Arduino Miniconf (Frank Taplin)

  • Introduction to Arduino and the Pebble by Andy Gelme video video
  • Flex and Arduino: put your device on the web by Justin McLean video
  • But you can't do that with USB! by Philip Lindsay video
  • Using Arduino to teach Embedded Systems to high school students by Peter Chubb video
  • Open Source Hardware by Nathan Seidle video
  • Memory architecture of ATmega CPUs by Jonathan Oxer video
  • RepRap: The Arduino in 4D by Vik Olliver video

Distro Summit (Civic Suite 3)


Keynote: Gabriella Coleman video

System Administration Miniconf (Auditorium)

Bridging the gap (Ilott Theatre)

  • Why Launchpad? by Jonathan Lange
  • Linking with external bugtrackers by Björn Tillenius
  • Working with translations by Jeroen Vermeulen
  • Ubuntu Distributed Development by James Westby
  • Building packages with Launchpad by Muharem Hrnjadovic and Michael Hudson
  • VCS Imports, code reviews and patch forwarding by Aaron Bentley and Jelmer Vernooij
  • Drizzle - an upstream's view by Monty Taylor

Open and the Public Sector (Renouf 1)

MiniConf site

  • Keynote by Andrew Stott video
  • Keynote by Lisa Harvey video
  • Why hasn’t the year of the Linux desktop arrived in Canberra? by Stephen Boyd video
  • How can Govt procurement better support Open? by Laurence Millar video
  • Open Government: Getting the core policy and technical principles right! by Pia Waugh video
  • Panel Discussion: The Politics of Open video
  • Implementing an authoritative repository of public sector Open Technologies for Government agencies by Steven Schmid video
  • Panel Discussion: Creative Commons, Open access/ licensing, and NZGOAL video video

Education Miniconf (Renouf 2)

Data Storage and Retrieval Miniconf (Civic Suites 1&2)

  • Sun Zetabyte File System: a speedy intro for sysadmins by Julius Roberts
  • Sheepdog: Distributed Storage System for KVM by Kazutaka Morita
  • Memcached by Mark Atwood
  • Relational vs. Non-Relational by Josh Berkus
  • How to create a fulltext search solution with mysql by Alexander Rubin
  • How works by Olly Betts
  • GRAPH Engine for MySQL, MariaDB and Drizzle by Arjen Lentz
  • Refactoring large, HA PostgreSQL databases by Devdas Bhagat
  • Distributed administration and testing of MySQL servers with Gearman by Giuseppe Maxia
  • Multi-Master Replication with MMM by Arjen Lentz
  • Build your own DropBox by Ben Balbo

Multicore and Parallel Computing Miniconf (Frank Taplin)

  • Erlang, MPI, and open standards by Lenz Gschwendtner video
  • TBB: Open Sourcing a Model for Parallel Computing by James Reinders video
  • View-Oriented Parallel Programming by Zhiyi Huang video
  • Scientific high-performance computing by Matthias Meyer video
  • Extending the Scope of Mobile Devices Running GNU/Linux by Timo Hoenig
  • Haskell and Multi-core by Stephen Blackheath video
  • Automatic Parallelism in Mercury by Paul Bone video
  • Titanic, Mars and Open New Zealand by Remo Williams video
  • Hunting for the World’s Largest Known Prime Numbers by Rob Giltrap video
  • Teaching Parallel Programming by James Reinders video
  • Panel video

Multimedia Miniconf (Civic Suite 3)


Keynote: Benjamin Mako Hill video

Presentations (Auditorium)

Presentations (Ilott Theatre)

Presentations (Renouf 1)

Presentations (Renouf 2)

Tutorials (Civic Suites 1&2)


Keynote: Glyn Moody video

Presentations (Auditorium)

Presentations (Ilott Theatre)

Presentations (Renouf 1)

Presentations (Renouf 2)

Tutorials (Civic Suites 1&2)


Keynote and Lightning Talks: Nathan Torkington video

Presentations (Auditorium)

Presentations (Ilott Theatre)

Presentations (Renouf 1)

Presentations (Renouf 2)

Tutorials (Civic Suites 1&2)