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This page is simply a place to collect links to presenters' slides. Please add links where they are missing and correct links or schedule errors.



Business of Open Source Miniconf (Auditorium)

  • Ten Ways to Destroy Your Community by Josh Berkus video
  • Sharing Package Copyright and Licensing Data Effectively by Kate Stewart video
  • Get your personal financial house in order with gnucash by Jacinta Richardson video
  • Partnering with Hardware Companies for Open Software by Joel Stanley video
  • Accessibility requirements of software and implications for FOSS by Nic Steenhout video
  • The 100 Mile Client Roster by Emma Jane Hogbin video
  • Building a service business using open source software by Cameron Beattie video
  • Being an Upstart - building FLOSS compatible businesses by Arjen Lentz video

Open Programming Languages Miniconf (Ilott Theatre)

Wave Developers Miniconf (Renouf 1)

  • Building the Independent Wave by James Purser
  • A tutorial on building a collaborative text editing web application by Brett Morgan
  • Harnessing The Wave by James Purser
  • Wave-y Extensions by Pamela Fox
  • Google Wave and Web 2.1 by Sam Vilain

Haecksen and Linuxchix Miniconf (Renouf 2)

Libre Graphics Day (Civic Suites 1&2)

  • New Ghostscript Colour Architecture by Ralph Giles
  • Graphic Design Apps - Beyond The Pixel by Vik Olliver
  • Scribus by Jon Cruz
  • Die Flash Die - SVG has arrived by Andy Fitz
  • How to Use FOSS Graphics Tools to Pay for College by Elizabeth Garbee
  • Cairo Graphics - Intro and Future thoughts by Carl Worth
  • Blender 3D Modeling and Animation by Lance Flavell
  • All the Libre Graphics tasks I said I would do are DONE! by Jon Phillips
  • Cheap Visual Gimmicks to Make Your Designs 'NEW' by Andy Fitzsimon
  • Dynamic PDF reports via XSL and Inkscape by Peter Lieverdink
  • Inkscape: My Cheerleading Adventures by Donna Benjamin

Arduino Miniconf (Frank Taplin)

  • Introduction to Arduino and the Pebble by Andy Gelme video video
  • Flex and Arduino: put your device on the web by Justin McLean video
  • But you can't do that with USB! by Philip Lindsay video
  • Using Arduino to teach Embedded Systems to high school students by Peter Chubb video
  • Open Source Hardware by Nathan Seidle video
  • Memory architecture of ATmega CPUs by Jonathan Oxer video
  • RepRap: The Arduino in 4D by Vik Olliver video

Distro Summit (Civic Suite 3)


Keynote: Gabriella Coleman video

System Administration Miniconf (Auditorium)

Bridging the gap (Ilott Theatre)

  • Why Launchpad? by Jonathan Lange
  • Linking with external bugtrackers by Björn Tillenius
  • Working with translations by Jeroen Vermeulen
  • Ubuntu Distributed Development by James Westby
  • Building packages with Launchpad by Muharem Hrnjadovic and Michael Hudson
  • VCS Imports, code reviews and patch forwarding by Aaron Bentley and Jelmer Vernooij
  • Drizzle - an upstream's view by Monty Taylor

Open and the Public Sector (Renouf 1)

MiniConf site

  • Keynote by Andrew Stott video
  • Keynote by Lisa Harvey video
  • Why hasn’t the year of the Linux desktop arrived in Canberra? by Stephen Boyd video
  • How can Govt procurement better support Open? by Laurence Millar video
  • Open Government: Getting the core policy and technical principles right! by Pia Waugh video
  • Panel Discussion: The Politics of Open video
  • Implementing an authoritative repository of public sector Open Technologies for Government agencies by Steven Schmid video
  • Panel Discussion: Creative Commons, Open access/ licensing, and NZGOAL video video

Education Miniconf (Renouf 2)

Data Storage and Retrieval Miniconf (Civic Suites 1&2)

  • Sun Zetabyte File System: a speedy intro for sysadmins by Julius Roberts
  • Sheepdog: Distributed Storage System for KVM by Kazutaka Morita
  • Memcached by Mark Atwood
  • Relational vs. Non-Relational by Josh Berkus
  • How to create a fulltext search solution with mysql by Alexander Rubin
  • How works by Olly Betts
  • GRAPH Engine for MySQL, MariaDB and Drizzle by Arjen Lentz
  • Refactoring large, HA PostgreSQL databases by Devdas Bhagat
  • Distributed administration and testing of MySQL servers with Gearman by Giuseppe Maxia
  • Multi-Master Replication with MMM by Arjen Lentz
  • Build your own DropBox by Ben Balbo

Multicore and Parallel Computing Miniconf (Frank Taplin)

  • Erlang, MPI, and open standards by Lenz Gschwendtner video
  • TBB: Open Sourcing a Model for Parallel Computing by James Reinders video
  • View-Oriented Parallel Programming by Zhiyi Huang video
  • Scientific high-performance computing by Matthias Meyer video
  • Extending the Scope of Mobile Devices Running GNU/Linux by Timo Hoenig
  • Haskell and Multi-core by Stephen Blackheath video
  • Automatic Parallelism in Mercury by Paul Bone video
  • Titanic, Mars and Open New Zealand by Remo Williams video
  • Hunting for the World’s Largest Known Prime Numbers by Rob Giltrap video
  • Teaching Parallel Programming by James Reinders video
  • Panel video

Multimedia Miniconf (Civic Suite 3)


Keynote: Benjamin Mako Hill video

Presentations (Auditorium)

Presentations (Ilott Theatre)

Presentations (Renouf 1)

Presentations (Renouf 2)

Tutorials (Civic Suites 1&2)


Keynote: Glyn Moody video

Presentations (Auditorium)

Presentations (Ilott Theatre)

Presentations (Renouf 1)

Presentations (Renouf 2)

Tutorials (Civic Suites 1&2)


Keynote and Lightning Talks: Nathan Torkington video

Presentations (Auditorium)

Presentations (Ilott Theatre)

Presentations (Renouf 1)

Presentations (Renouf 2)

Tutorials (Civic Suites 1&2)