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* had one suggestion - teacher workshop on how to use the lesson activity module

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I'm interested in getting together with people working with/in schools and having a conversation about where to next in terms of FOSS adoption.

I do IT support for organisations in Otago mainly, incuding some schools. Warrington school is a small primary school who use only FOSS. I didn't get to most of the edu miniconf, but I heard a bit of the Abany presentation. I've also heard informally a bit about what happened at Hagley.

I am interested in having an informal BOF (since all the official slots are taken to my knowedge?) What should our strategy be in terms of expanding adoption to other schools? Clearly we have the early adopters, where to next?

Please feel free to add your own notes and experiences, questions etc.



Civic 3 upstairs in the town hall, 12:15 - 1:30 Thursday. People may want to get their lunch from downstairs and bring it up to Civic 3.

People who are interested

  • Alex King
  • Tabitha Roder
  • Eric Light

plus 3 or 4 who have contacted me (Alex) privately


  • we want to share our tools and experiences on Wikieducator
  • Discusion on SMSs
  • Teachers have no time
  • Tech Admin is disjoint between schools and often poorly paid, resourced and regarded by the school administration.
  • need good student management system that is open source

expectations / desired outcomes

  • find out what is happening/ what FOSS use currently in other schools
  • share/learn strategies to evangeise/encourage adoption of FOSS in schools we work in
  • strategise - what schools could be in the next wave of adoption?
  • strategise - what are the "killer apps" to sell FOSS to schools?
  • what else is happening in this space? (NZOSS education section, wikieducator .....)
  • I want to document the outcomes on this wiki page if possible
  • how do we ensure the focus is on education and providing the best environment for learning rather than the focus being on the tools?
  • (add your desired outcomes of our session here)

Other stuff of interest - 13 to 15 April, Christchurch

  • had one suggestion - teacher workshop on how to use the lesson activity module