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Rusty is in a splint for 6 weeks, due to an operation to repair the detached meniscus in his left knee.


How Did You Do This?

About two months ago, Rusty lunged while warming up for a squash game.

When Did You Have The Operation?

Monday Jan 11th.

Why Did You Plan This Just before LCA?

There was a 95% chance it was only partially torn (and MRI seemed to confirm that), so it would be a simple cleanup and Rusty would walk out. In the 5% case, he'd end up in a splint for 6 weeks while the repair healed. In 6 weeks he's due to take 4 weeks holiday in Europe, so wanted to be prepared for the worst case.

Other Fun Rusty Knee Facts

  1. He is supposed to rest.
  2. He has moved back in with my parents.
  3. His stuff has been moved to storage.
  4. He can't fit in an economy seat so had to upgrade LCA trip to business class.
  5. If the repair fails (30% chance), the meniscus will be removed.

I Don't Believe You!

OK, pick one:

  • It was an old chess injury.
  • He was climbing up the rack to replace a drive, when...
  • Consequence of joining SaMBa team and inadvertently encountering Microsoft "Kneecapping" goon squad.
  • Too much FOSS Fun With A Wiimote
  • It was inflicted when he was the 1000th person to ask someone about their knee injury.