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New Zealand has some legendary rock for rock climbing, and the area around Wellington has its share of that, (in addition to various indoor rock climbing gyms).

Some LCA 2010 delegates are coordinating for an outdoor rock-climbing excursion, and this page exists to help in that coordination.

Carl Worth has been in contact with one local guide willing to put together a trip for a minimum of 6 people, for 4 hours of climbing for a cost of $55 NZD per person.

Availability for rock-climbing
Name Experience (none needed!) Availability
Carl Worth YDS 5.10 (sport) Tuesday, January 19 would be ideal for me. But I could do Monday afternoon as well.
Your Name Any climbing experience When you are available.

Carl Worth had the following to say when he proposed the idea for getting some LCA folks together for some climbing:

 If you've never done any rock-climbing before, here are a couple of
 geek-centric points I've noticed while climbing:
 Somehow, the rock-climbing community seems to have very friendly
 people in it wherever I go in the world. It's almost as nice as the
 free-software community in this regard.
 The problem-solving inherent in climbing appeals to me in a way
 that's very similar to the best kinds of problem-solving in
 software. Good climbing is often more of a 3D geometry puzzle (that
 happens to involve your body) rather than a test of strength. I
 think being smart is much more significant than being strong.