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Plone BoF


The Plone BoF will be hosted by The topics discussed at the Plone Birds of a Feather session will be fairly fluid and flexible depending on what those present wish to discuss. Session topics could include the following:

  • Theming in Plone
  • State of E-Commerce in Plone
  • What to expect in Plone 4 and beyond
  • What kind of Plone support is available in New Zealand
  • Integrating Plone with external RDBMSes
  • etc

Those Interested in Attending


If you're interested in coming along, could you please list your name below so we've got a bit of an idea of numbers and hopefully how popular the BoF will be :) Otherwise you can drop an email to tim at emergetec dot com and let me know that way and I can enter your name below for you.

  • Tim Knapp
  • James Purser
  • Ard Righ