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About PaulWay

Paul Wayper is a six-foot tall ape descendant, and nobody is trying to drive a bypass through his home.

Inline images being disabled on this wiki, you can go to the following link to see what he looks like:

Personal pseudocalendar

Arrival and Departure

  • DJ653 - departs CBR 15:00 arrives SYD 15:50
  • NZ144 - departs SYD 18:10 arrives WLG 23:20
  • NZ153 - departs WLG 15:35 arrives MEL 17:40

Sunday 17th

These are the things I want to do on the Sunday:

  • Maybe help out at the Beginners BOF if I'm needed? Help Rusty pay for beer?


These are the talks I want to go and see...


Things I'd like to do:

The things I've sort of committed to do: