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For more information, see the

Call for Participation

(Full details of the CFP are on the miniconf website at

Do you develop, use, document, or train with Free Software Graphix tools? Tools such as GIMP, Inkscape, Scribus, Blender, Krita, Sk1, Fontforge and Fontmatrix. Are you involved in the testing and development of the sub-systems and libraries on which these apps depend? Submit a proposal now!

  • The X Window system
  • GEGL, Hugin, Oyranos
  • I/O devices and drivers - tablets, mice, keyboards, monitors, printers
  • Colour and Font Management
  • Cross-platform tools - developing for multiple platforms
  • Open Standards and file format interoperability: PDF, SVG, PNG etc
  • Open Content: clip art, fonts, creative commons, etc

Perhaps you can share expertise in the 'How' of Libre Graphics? Could you talk about Design techniques and workflow? Pre-press, or Themes and Skins for open source web frameworks. What about Digital asset management? What about the Why? Communication strategy and effective marketing using graphic design. Open Source publishing? What about Digital Art just for Art's sake? Perhaps you have other ideas that relate to Libre Graphics?

Submit your proposal now!