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This miniconf is primarily organised by members of - people who play and work with linux. However, this does not reflect the true range of women who are working and playing with all sorts of technology in Australasia and the Pacific: smart crafters, OLPC volunteers and, of course, many FLOSS contributers. We chose haecksen - the German feminine for "hacker" as a way to reflect this diversity and engagement with technology.

We would like to ensure a mix of listening and participating. As such, if anyone is interested in running a panel or discussion we would like to encourage them to submit.

Suggested topics include: systems administration, networking, smart crafting, usability, cloud computing, professional development, the loyalty tax, community involvement, imposter syndrome, virtual servers, security, social engineering, hardware hacking, submitting your first patch.

We would also like to encourage younger or less experienced speakers to contribute shorter presentations.

submit your proposal

You will need to provide your name, contact information, a short biography, and a title/abstract. There are a selection of talk lengths: note that if you allow Linux Australia to record your talk it will be released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike Licence.

Submit your proposal here