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This one day Education Mini-conference will focus on educational uses of Free and Open Source initiatives used around the world including tools for teaching and school management.

It has talks and workshops directly useful to educators, administrators, developers and those interested in supporting education initiatives and/or influencing their direction and uptake.

You can email Tabitha if you require further information.


The call for proposals is now closed.

The Schedule

Speakers and structure specifics are yet to be defined. The basic break up of the day is as follows:

Times Duration Detail
09:00 - 10:00 60 Welcome and/or Keynote
10:00 - 10:30 30 Morning Tea
10:30 - 12:15 125 Welcome and housekeeping

The Open Source Secondary School Mark Osborne
Open Source Software in the class room Josh Campbell
Through the Looking Glass: Open Source from a Student's Perspective Elizabeth Garbee
OLPC and Sugarlabs - Improving education on a global scale Volunteers group

12:15 - 13:30 75 Lunch
13:30 - 15:15 125 Koha - Nau te rourou, naku te rourou, ka ora ai te iwi

Chris Cormack
Art education and open source Maksim Lin
The use of FOSS in teaching Software Engineering Ashley Maher
Moodle features workshop Jonathan Newman

15:15 - 15:45 30 Afternoon Tea
15:45 - 17:30 125 Mahara development workshop Penny Leach

Why Educational Technology Deployments Fail Belinda Lopez
Structuring a multi-day technical training course Jacinta Richardson
Voice and vision interaction John Graves
Closing of the day

Titles of the Miniconf Presenters' papers

To be defined. Contact Tabithaif you would like to get involved.

First accepted presentation: One Laptop Per Child and Sugar Labs: Why you should care about Linux and education and what people in the region are doing about it Overview of OLPC in the region (Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific), Sugar Labs, OLPC Friends, deployments coming up and community support and development Target: People interested in getting involved or learning about a not for profit humanitarian education project

Miniconf Presenters' biographies

To be defined. Contact Tabitha if you would like to get involved.

Miniconf Presenters' slides and handouts

Watch this space for slides and handouts released under a Creative Commons licence