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! !!Auditorium !!Ilott Theatre !!Renouf 1 !!Renouf 2 !!Civic Suites 1&2 !!Frank Taplin !!Civic Suite 3
! !!Auditorium !!Ilott Theatre !!Renouf 1 !!Renouf 2 !!Civic Suites 1&2 !!Frank Taplin !!Civic Suite 3
| || [[Open and the Public Sector]] || [[Open Programming Languages]] || [[Wave Developers]] || [[Haecksen and Linuxchix]] || [[Libre Graphics Day]] || [[Arduino]] || [[Distro Summit]]
| || [[Miniconfs/Open and the Public Sector]] || [[Miniconfs/Open Programming Languages]] || [[Miniconfs/Wave Developers]] || [[Miniconfs/Haecksen and Linuxchix]] || [[Miniconfs/Libre Graphics Day]] || [[Miniconfs/Arduino]] || [[Miniconfs/Distro Summit]]
! 9:00-10:00 ||colspan=7 | Welcome to 2010
! 9:00-10:00 ||colspan=7 | Welcome to 2010

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Below is the list of accepted Miniconfs for LCA2010, along with the names of the Primary Miniconf Organisers.

These Wiki pages has been created specifically to promote the details of the Miniconfs to delegates.

For the breakdown by day, see Monday and Tuesday's schedules.

Rough Schedule

Warning, this schedule may change, and may also *not* be updated by mini-conf organisers. Use at own risk, etc.

Monday, 18th January 2010

Auditorium Ilott Theatre Renouf 1 Renouf 2 Civic Suites 1&2 Frank Taplin Civic Suite 3
Miniconfs/Open and the Public Sector Miniconfs/Open Programming Languages Miniconfs/Wave Developers Miniconfs/Haecksen and Linuxchix Miniconfs/Libre Graphics Day Miniconfs/Arduino Miniconfs/Distro Summit
9:00-10:00 Welcome to 2010
10:00-10:30 Morning Tea
10:30 Open and the Public Sector Haskell, and all the wonderful things it doesn’t let you do (Stephen Blackheath) Welcomes and Introductions Version Control For Mere Mortals - Emma Jane Hogbin Welcome + Housekeeping - Jon Cruz Assembly of Pebble, general purpose I/O shield (part 1) Quality assurance in Debian - Lucas Nussbaum
10:45 Building the Independent Wave (James Purser) New Ghostscript Colour Architecture - Ralph Giles
10:55 Introducing Gearman — Distributed server for all all languages (Giuseppe Maxia) The state of the LSB - Bdale Garbee
11:10 Happy Hackers == Happy Code - Sara Falamaki Real-life Inkscape projects - Pascal Klein
11:30 Preparing for PHP6 (Ben Balbo) A tutorial on building a collaborative text editing web application (Brett Morgan) Real-life Inkscape projects - Pascal Klein Assembly of Pebble, general purpose I/O shield (part 2) - Martin F. Krafft
11:35 Using FOSS Graphics Tools 2 Pay 4 College - Elizabeth Garbee
11:55 Attribute-Oriented Programming in PHP (Peter Serwylo)
12:15-13:30 Lunch
13:30 Open and the Public Sector The State of Python 3 (Richard Jones) Harnessing The Wave (James Purser) Creating Beautiful Documentation - Lana Brindley Die Flash Die - SVG has arrived - Andy Fitzsimon Introduction to Arguino and the Pebble - Andy Gelme Integrating domain-specific package managers with distribution package management systems - Michael Homer
13:50 Getting Your Feet Wet - Angela Byron
13:55 Cutting down boot times - Scott James Remnant
14:15 Wave-y Extensions (Pamela Fox)
14:20 Using FOSS Graphics Tools to Pay for College - Elizabeth Garbee
14:30 An Introduction to PyPy (Michael Hudson) Code Of Our Own - Liz Henry Arduino: put your device in a browser and on the web - Justin Mclean Source Juicer - Laszlo Peter
14:45 TBA (Google Wave)
14:55 Talloc: Pick Up Your Own Garbage! (Rusty Russell) TBA (Arduino)
15:00 Lightning Talks
15:15-15:45 Afternoon Tea
15:45 Open and the Public Sector Composing Object Classes with Roles in Perl (Grant McLean) Google Wave and Web 2.1 (Sam Vilain) Stress Tests And Performance - Renata Rocha Barros dos Santos Blender 3D Modeling and Animation - Lance Flavell Using Arduino to teach Embedded Systems to high school students - Peter Chubb At First I was Afraid, I was Petrified… of Launchpad - Dustin Kirkland
16:05 E-mail Authentication - Karen Liesenfeld
16:10 Writing Facebook Applications in Perl (Paul Fenwick) Memory architecture of ATmega CPUs - Jonathan Oxer
16:15 Wave Lightning Talks
16:30 The Genderchanger's Academy - Nancy Mauro-Flude *or* Lightning Talks Professional approach to Game Art - Sanu Mana
16:45 Open Programming Lightning Talks Wave Discussion/panel RepRap: The Arduino in 4D - Vik Olliver The relationship between Debian and Ubuntu - Lucas Nussbaum
17:10 Haecksen Discussion TBA (Arduino)
17:15 Libre graphics short talks
17:30 Fin