Linux SOE Development

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A BOF for people currently involved in, or looking to be involved in developing Standard Operating Environments in Linux.

Come along for a discussion on tips and tricks, or to ask questions based on the talk on Developing SOE Environments [1]

Several current SOE developers have stated they be attending.

Jared Ring

I maintain a Ubuntu SOE and teach Linux/Unix admin for the Queensland University of Technology, School of IT. Initially we had a dedicated lab for teaching linux/unix administration, this lab used KVM to have multiple VM's where students setup networks, network services, etc.

Starting in 2010 this environment gets deployed to all School of IT labs and goes mainstream, so now it needs to integrate with various QUT things, something I am working on right now. I am hoping someone at this BOF can help me get CUPS to speak kerberos to AD :)

Experienced with:

  • Ubuntu (obviously)
  • Rembo
  • KVM/Xen
  • iSCSI and OpenVPN
  • Lots more