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# Lee Begg (not too spicey)
# Lee Begg (not too spicey)
# Pete Serwylo (yummy)
# Pete Serwylo (yummy)
# Jacinta Richardson (vegetarian (eggs, dairy, spicy: all ok))
# AddYourNameHere
# AddYourNameHere

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This is for LCA2010 attendees not going to the Penguin Dinner. Why not go out for dinner that evening. So instead of the Penguin Dinner, let's have a Kiwi Dinner.

Date: Friday 22 January 2010 Time: 6:30pm

This is a start to plan it. Location and food type: undecided. (Use discussion page for discussion of food type/location suggestion). At the end it depends on the number of people, food restrictions and which places can accommodate...

If you are interested, please put your name below. Start line with # . Next to your name, please mention if there are any dietary restrictions or access issues to be taken into consideration while choosing location.

If you have put your name below, please check back on Friday afternoon at the very latest for where it will be.

eg Joe Blogs (vegetarian)

Name below the line

  1. Eric Light
  2. Josh Matthews
  3. Lee Begg (not too spicey)
  4. Pete Serwylo (yummy)
  5. Jacinta Richardson (vegetarian (eggs, dairy, spicy: all ok))
  6. AddYourNameHere