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Following the fun and success of last year, we're pondering cooking a dinner @ UStay tonight (Wednesday) - the only spare evening this week. Neatly coincides with Jonathan and Andy doing Arduino soldering in the common room, I'm sure the people involved in that need food too.

If you're interested, please add your name below and state any food prefs/diets so we can work out what to cook and how much! We'll need helpers for chopping stuff, co-funding, etc.


  • Level 1 common room, aiming for dinner 6-7pm-ish. BYO booze. If you're not staying at UStay, you'll need to hop along with someone who is, because of the keycard security.
  • If you want to help with ingredients purchase, catch me at conf entrance straight after end (5.30pm)
  • If you want to help with "menu", catch me during the day.

Cookers / Choppers / Minions

  • Arjen - vegetarian but will cook meat for others ;-)
  • ...


  • ...