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Following the fun and success of last year, we're pondering cooking a dinner @ UStay tonight (Wednesday) - the only spare evening this week. Neatly coincides with Jonathan and Andy doing Arduino soldering in the common room, I'm sure the people involved in that need food too.

If you're interested, please add your name below and state any food prefs/diets so we can work out what to cook and how much! We'll need helpers for chopping stuff, co-funding, etc.


  • Level 1 common room, aiming for dinner 6-7pm-ish. BYO booze. If you're not staying at UStay, you'll need to hop along with someone who is, because of the keycard security.
  • Alternativey txt me (alex) on 022 045 4689 & I'll buzz you in
  • If you want to help with ingredients purchase, catch me at conf entrance straight after end (5.30pm)
  • Where to buy Ingredients
  • If you want to help with "menu", catch me during the day.

I have a silly question - Q: WHO do we meet to discuss menu etc? A: Arjen, of course !

Cookers / Choppers / Minions

  • Arjen - vegetarian but will cook meat for others ;-)
  • Devdas Bhagat - Chopper and general minion
  • Josh Matthews - Whatever. Cooking's fun. I'll need to hook up with somebody who can get in to uStay, please contact me.
  • Alex King - I need non-dairy and non -egg ideally. Happy to do a peanut sauce for satay if this fits the menu.
  • Tim Connors - shopping?
  • Mitch Davis - I'll do what I'm told. Happy to carry stuff back from shops or make speed runs to get missing ingredients.
  • John Dalton - will help with shopping, cooking, whatever.
  • Grant Diffey - can help with cooking I have got kitchen knives.
  • Cherie Carbines - can help with chopping and cooking - has anyone decided what we are going to cook?


  • Luke Hovington - Will be with Arduino crowd but can help cook if needed
  • Andy Gelme
  • Jon Oxer - with bottle of white wine !
  • Jon & Tina Cruz
  • Mathew McBride
  • Sridhar Dhanapalan
  • Andrew P - with arduino folks but happy to help before that starts (can be chopper/minion :))
  • Richard Jones - can contribute a lovely bottle of wine :)
  • Daniel Sobey / Shawn sobey - i'll have to ask what my brother wants to do first
  • Antonio Broughton
  • David McNeill
  • Cherie Carbines / Steve Ellis - both can also cook