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(Sunday 24th January)
(Saturday 16th January)
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'''23:15 QF117 from Sydney (Departs 18:05)'''
'''23:15 QF117 from Sydney (Departs 18:05)'''
* [[Adam Harvey]] — also on QF576 earlier in the day from Perth; staying at UStay
* [[Adam Harvey]] — also on QF576 earlier in the day from Perth; staying at UStay
'''23:20 NZ144 from Sydney (Departs 18:10)'''
* [[Jonathan McDowell]] - staying at UStay.
=== Sunday 17th January ===
=== Sunday 17th January ===

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Add your name and contact details below to coordinate taxi sharing. There is a bus service called the Airport Flyer, and also airport shuttles.

See also Overlander if you are flying to Auckland and taking the train to Wellington.

Each user has a user page at User:emaildomaincom where emaildomaincom is that user's e-mail with punctuation removed. Linking to this page has the nice advantage of including your Gravatar and conference badge details.



Please sort these by arrival times.

Saturday 9th January

21:40 QF131 from Melbourne into Auckland (Departs 16:10)

  • Jonathan Woithe - also on QF682 from Adelaide earlier in the day. Driving to Wellington over the week, arriving on Sunday 17th, staying at Ustay during conference.

18:05 QF133 from Melbourne to Auckland (Departs 18:05)

Thursday 14th January

14:25 QF37 from Melbourne (Departs 08:50)

  • Claudine Chionh, staying at UStay during the conference and travelling on to Christchurch via ferry/train.

Friday 15th January

15:15 DJ56 from Sydney (Departs 10:00)

23:30 QF117 from Sydney (Departs 18:05)

  • Karl Goetz - Also on QF752 from Adelaide, departing 13:25.

Saturday 16th January

14:25 QF37 from Melbourne (Departs 08:50)

20:30 NZ467 from Auckland (Departs 19:30)

  • Michael Davies — also on the following flights - NZ124 earlier in the day from Melbourne; and QF670 even earlier in the day from Adelaide; staying at UStay.

23:15 QF117 from Sydney (Departs 18:05)

  • Adam Harvey — also on QF576 earlier in the day from Perth; staying at UStay

23:20 NZ144 from Sydney (Departs 18:10)

Sunday 17th January

00:25 DJ4068 from Brisbane (Departs 18:00 Saturday 16th)

  • Joshua Hesketh — also on the following flights: DJ333 on Saturday from Melbourne to Brisbane (15:00 - 16:10); and JQ736 earlier from Launceston to Melbourne (09:55 - 11:00); staying at UStay - happy to share a taxi from the airport.
  • Joel Stanley via DJ1319 from Adelaide. Happy to share a taxi, destination TBD.

08:45 QF47 from Sydney

12:00 NZ441 from Auckland (Departs 11:00 Sunday 17th)

14:25 QF37 (Operated by Jetconnect For Qantas) from Melbourne (Departs 08:50)

18:10 DJ3044 from Auckland (Departs 17:05, connecting flight from DJ164 out of Melbourne at 09:45)

  • Tim Serong - staying at UStay, happy to share taxi.

23:15 QF117 from Sydney (Departs 18:05)


Please sort these by departure times.

Saturday 23rd January

06:00 QF118 to Sydney

15:00 QF38 to Melbourne

Sunday 24th January

06:00 QF118 to Sydney

07:15 DJ4069 to Brisbane (arrives 08:05, and thence via DJ322 to Melbourne, landing at 13:25 - sweet Jesus what was I thinking booking a flight this early?!?)

  • Tim Serong - will share taxi, but unlikely to be happy that early in the morning.

09:40 NZ5031 to Christchurch

14:00 NZ428 to Auckland

15:00 QF38 (Operated by Jetconnect For Qantas) to Melbourne

15:25 QF48 to Sydney

Monday 25th January

16:00 DJ57 to Sydney (arrives 17:40)

QF48 to Sydney (Departs 15:25)

  • Karl Goetz - also on QF785 to Adelaide, departing 20:45.