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(Sunday 17th January)
(Friday 15th January)
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=== Friday 15th January ===
=== Friday 15th January ===
'''15:15 DJ56 from Sydney (Departs 10:00)'''
* [[user:chrisjrngmailcom|Christopher Neugebauer]]
'''23:30 QF117 from Sydney (Departs 18:05)'''
'''23:30 QF117 from Sydney (Departs 18:05)'''

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Add your name and contact details below to coordinate taxi sharing. There is a bus service called the Airport Flyer, and also airport shuttles.

See also Overlander if you are flying to Auckland and taking the train to Wellington.



Please sort these by arrival times.

Thursday 14th January

14:25 QF37 from Melbourne (Departs 08:50)

  • Claudine Chionh, staying at UStay during the conference and travelling on to Christchurch via ferry/train.

Friday 15th January

15:15 DJ56 from Sydney (Departs 10:00)

23:30 QF117 from Sydney (Departs 18:05)

  • Karl Goetz - Also on QF752 from Adelaide, departing 13:25.

Saturday 16th January

20:30 NZ467 from Auckland (Departs 19:30)

  • Michael Davies — also on the following flights - NZ124 earlier in the day from Melbourne; and QF670 even earlier in the day from Adelaide; staying at UStay.

23:15 QF117 from Sydney (Departs 18:05)

  • Adam Harvey — also on QF576 earlier in the day from Perth; staying at UStay

Sunday 17th January

00:25 DJ4068 from Brisbane (Departs 18:00)

  • Joshua Hesketh — also on the following flights: DJ333 on Saturday from Melbourne to Brisbane (15:00 - 16:10); and JQ736 earlier from Launceston to Melbourne (09:55 - 11:00); staying at UStay - happy to share a taxi from the airport.

14:25 QF37 (Operated by Jetconnect For Qantas) from Melbourne (Departs 08:50)

23:15 QF117 from Sydney (Departs 18:05)


Please sort these by departure times.

Saturday 23rd January

06:00 QF118 to Sydney

15:00 QF38 to Melbourne

Sunday 24th January

09:40 NZ5031 to Christchurch

15:00 QF38 (Operated by Jetconnect For Qantas) to Melbourne

15:00 QF38 to Sydney

  • Adam Harvey — also on QF481 later the same day to Perth

Monday 25th January

QF48 to Sydney (Departs 15:25)

  • Karl Goetz - also on QF785 to Adelaide, departing 20:45.