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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some queries the volunteers have been fielding at the registration desk at the Michael Fowler Centre. This page is to supply the answers and thus saving you the wait in line for answers to some of your queries. If you need any help, please don't hesitate to approach the volunteers at the registration desk.

Where is the Wellington Convention Centre

  • The Wellington Convention Centre is actually a collection of buildings. For the purposes of LCA2010, it will be the Michael Fowler Centre(MFC) and the Old Town Hall. There's room layout map for each floor for both buildings available in your badge. They are:
    • Michael Fowler Centre
      • Main Auditorium - where the keynotes are each morning
      • Renouf rooms 1&2 are on the 2nd floor at the top of the stairs (same level as entrance to auditorium)
      • Frank Taplin room is at the back of the Auditorium. This is the "green room" for the orchestra/performers when there's a concert at the auditorium.
      • History & Wikipedia info.
    • Old Town Hall
      • Ilott Room is on the ground floor (level 0). Turn left after you enter the Town Hall building
      • Civic Suites 1, 2 & 3 are on level 2
      • Town Hall is where the cafe is for morning and afternoon teas, as well sells food for lunch
      • History of the Old Town Hall Building: by Wellington Convention Centre. Wikipedia page. CityMayors site

As well as the outdoor link between the two on the ground floor, there is a bridge between the level two, from near the Civic Suites 1 & 2 across to the Level 2 promenade in the Michael Fowler Centre.

Wifi? Internet?

What's available

  • Conference network is available around the two venues
  • Cafenet is a paid wifi service. All LCA2010 delegates will have a cafenet coupon code in their bag which gives you free wifi for the week. You need to sign up to the cafenet service with the code to activate the free service. Without this code, you will need to buy (pay money) to use cafenet. For more information (including cafes with cafenet) please go to the cafenet website.
  • vistagate is available to those staying at ustay. It is $10 for the week. This can be purchased from ustay reception. You will need a network cable to connect to vistagate from your room. Connecting to vistagate via wireless is possible from the common room on level 1.
  • Various internet services at hotels. These are generally expensive. Cafenet is available around wellington CBD. SO there is a possibility you may use your cafenet account from your room.

Problem connecting to Cafenet

  • Did you sign up to the service? Even though you have a voucher code, you need to create an account. The voucher code is instead of putting in payment by credit card.
  • IF you did sign up but the code doesn't activate the account, take the code (piece of paper that was in your bag) to the registration desk. They will be able to help you there.

Swag questions

It is broken

Yes unfortunately things do break. It could have happened anytime. If something is broken or is faulty and you'd like it replaced, please bring the faulty/broken item to the registration desk. If there are spares, it will be replaced. Unfortunately sometimes we do not have spares. For example small caps are out of stock.

I don't want ...

  • If you don't want any swag (including the bag, t-shirt etc) please pass them back to the registration desk. Do not waste them by throwing them away.

Can I get another...

  • No.

T-shirt questions

My shirt doesn't fit. Need a different size

  • You can exchange your shirt for one that fits on Wednesday onwards PROVIDED
    • the shirt is clean and new (in same condition as given to you when you received your name tag)
    • there are shirts of the size available

Can I buy another shirt?

  • Not from the conference registration centre. Shirts, bags, and other items available for sale will be via a web store after the conference. This has not been set up and so details will be announced after the conference.

Lost & Found

  • Found something dropped/left at the conference venue, please hand it to the registration desk. They will need to know where and when you found it.
  • If you left something behind in a room or somewhere at the conference venue and can't find it there when you went back to look, try asking at the registration desk.
  • Lost & Found at your accommodation and elsewhere in Wellington is unlikely to be handed into the registration desk

Rusty's Leg

  • You can find all the gory details at RustysLeg