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Art education and open source - Maksim Lin

Maksim Lim is the senior web developer and multimedia systems administrator at the National Gallery of Victoria.

Maksim will talk about his experience with an online multimedia project he has been working on in collaboration with several schools in Victoria.

The project has produced 3 closely related websites. 2 of those sites are "resource databases", that look and function essentially like traditional websites, but with a slight twist we call the "Scrapbook".

The Tradition and Transformation site features an interactive map with vector shapes drawn using Google's ExCanvas.

The third site is an interactive activity based on the Floating World exhibition that looks and functions similarly to a Flash game, but was built almost entirely with Javascript.

Maksim will talk about the choice to use open standards and free software, the challenges faced and the results achieved, including working directly with kids and teachers at schools to test the sites.

This talk is scheduled for education miniconf: Tuesday 19 January 2010