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Through the Looking Glass: Open Source from a Student's Perspective - Elizabeth Garbee

A 17 year old and recent high school graduate from the US, Elizabeth developed an early interest in open source, installing her first Debian machine (with some help!) at age 9. Since then, her main computing interest has been graphics manipulation and digital art. Aside from computers, Elizabeth is a dedicated student who is passionate about music, enjoys reading comic books, and is looking forward to entering Oberlin College in the fall of 2010.

In this look at a day in the life of a "geeky teen," Elizabeth will explain how free software fits into a teenage lifestyle. This includes why a teen should care about open source and the ways a young person can integrate free software into a life dominated by the Windows and Mac OS's. Common misconceptions about open source in the USA public education system will be exposed and explained, as well as subtle things a teenager can do to make free software less intimidating to their peers.

This talk is scheduled for education miniconf: Tuesday 19 January 2010