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The Open Source School: Mark Osborne

Mark is Deputy Principal of Albany Senior High School, the country's first state senior high school and an open source school. He is passionate about open source software, Linux, Moodle, Mahara, Koha, cutting-edge IT, powerful learning and helping young people get where they want to go. He's also part of the Open Education Resource NZ planning team, committed to all things libre and gratis.

Albany Senior High School is the country's first large-scale open source school. They have 200 computers running Ubuntu Linux on the desktop, a powerful open source software stack on each machine and they even have students building open-source tools and environments for the school and community. Mark Osborne is a Deputy Principal at ASHS and will talk about the process they followed to bring about this significant turn in the future of education in New Zealand. He'll talk about what worked, what didn't work and where to from here.

Presentation available here.

This talk is scheduled for education miniconf: Tuesday 19 January 2010