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Around the venue

Town Hall Café

The Wellington Convention Centre has set up a Café in the Wellington Town Hall for our delegates to use during the week of 2010. They will be providing a variety of food to cater for all diets at a discounted rate from Monday 18th January to Friday 22nd January.

The morning tea and afternoon tea will be served in the Wellington Town Hall Café. There will also be plenty of bowls of fresh fruit for delegates to help themselves to during 2010.

NOTE: The café will be closed on Friday afternoon so we can set up for the Penguin Dinner

Here is the menu:

Hot Meal (Changes Daily)

  • Monday – Coconut chicken curry with cauliflower & green beans

on steamed rice


  • Margherita – Tomato, bocconcini & basil
  • Capricciosa – Salami, olive & artichoke with parmesan cheese
  • Pizza Special (Changes Daily)

Salads (Changes Daily)

  • Greek salad
  • Kumara & watercress salad with mild curry dressing

Cabinet Food

  • Quiches or tarts
  • Frittatas
  • Quesadillas or burritos
  • Deli sandwiches, foccacias, pides, five grain filled rolls
  • Wraps
  • Paninis
  • Muffins
  • Sweet & savoury scones
  • Fresh baked biscuits
  • Sweet slices
  • Danish pasties
  • Cakes
  • Fruit salad

Mojo Coffee

Mojo is a Wellington based coffee roaster based out of Historic Shed 13 on Wellington's Waterfront. Mojo Coffee has 12 Wellington Cafes located conveniently around the CBD and at the airport.

Mojo is providing a coffee cart at the conference venue which will provide delegates with discounted coffee. Mojo has also offered delegates a 10% discount on all coffees bought from Mojo's outlets around the CBD during the week of 2010.

For more information about Mojo Coffee, please see:

Around Wellington

The following represents a list of personal recommendations for eating and drinking places around Wellington. Please feel free to fill in regardless of whether you are just a visitor or resident!


Sweet Mother's Kitchen

Courtenay Place

Location Reviews New Orleans/Mexican-inspired food. Hard to get a table. worth sneaking there at 5pm for early dinner just to get a table. They have a good beer by the bottle: Emerson's Pilsner. (Recommended by: Brenda Wallace and seconded by Tabitha Roder)

Aunty Mena Vegetarian Cafe

Southern Cuba street

yummy vegan foodz. recommend the good mee goreng and laksa. the decor is not flash, feels like you're in your aunt's kitchen.


Southern Cuba street

pricey, and hard to get a seat - but they are a legend in Wellington. The Nachos are GODLIKE.

Midnight Espresso

Southern Cuba street

178 Cuba Street, Wellington Open all night, short-ish walk up cuba street from conference. recommend:

  • vegan chocolate cake
  • coffee
  • old fashioned potato hashbrown.
  • vegetarian nachos
  • vegan hashstack

Sit in the window, watch people wander by. Only place where you can order a quad shot long black and not have to clarify what you mean. :D


Courtenay place Best Italian in Wellington, always book and try for a table in the courtyard. It won the "most frequent directory call" for me in my first year of living in Wellington before I managed to save it in my phone. 26 Courtenay Place, 04-802 4442 (Recommended by: Tabitha Roder)

mon ami

1 block away from conference venue (Bond street) pasta, bluecheese, venison, good wine range, reasonable beer range. rather under priced, meals about $9. desserts like banana+chocolate crumble and triple chocolate cheese cake.


The Malthouse

Courtenay Place

The Malthouse (website)

The Malthouse is undoubtedly one of the best places for drinking beer in Wellington, and a home to the New Zealand craft beer scene. A huge selection of beers on tap, traditional handpump and in bottles. Forget about the mainstream NZ selection of beers and start trying to delights of Epic, Tuatara, Three Boys, Yeastie Boys, Renaissance, Emersons, Founders, Moa, Green Man, Mikes, Wigram, etc. A short walk from the convention center and town hall! Free wifi. (Recommended by: Glynn Foster & Brenda Wallace)

Hashigo Zake

Hashigo Zake (website)

Hashigo Zake is a cult beer bar offering a wide range of craft beers on tap. Nestled off Taranaki street it provides a relaxing ambient feel with a constantly changing beer list. Hashigo Zake has regular beer tastings and some of the latest New Zealand beers on tap, so check out their newsletter on the website. If you are a SOBA ( member, you can get discounts on tap beer Sunday through Wednesday. Free wifi. (Recommended by: Glynn Foster)



Mojo is a Wellington based coffee roaster based out of Historic Shed 13 on Wellington's Waterfront. Mojo Coffee has 12 Wellington Cafes located conveniently around the CBD and at the airport.

As well as providing discounted coffee from a coffee cart set up especially for LCA2010 at the Wellington Convention Centre, Mojo has offered delegates a 10% discount on all coffees bought from Mojo's outlets around the CBD during the week of 2010.

There are heaps of Mojo cafes around Wellington. The barristas are awesome. Mojo barristas get great training, pretty good pay, and a career path (usually to open their own mojo)... No wonder they ace the annual nation barrista competitions. Shame their website requires yicky flash player: (Recommended by Brenda Wallace and seconded by Susanne Ruthven)

Mojo Bond St is the nearst Mojo outlet to the conference venue. The menu includes cabinet food, wood fired pizzas, various italian themed dishes and good beer selection

There are no steps, flat accessibility, but a little bit narrow.

For more information about Mojo Coffee, please see:

People's Coffee 13 Garrett St, Te Aro's-coffee Local fairtrade coffee - best beans in town. Further away than mojo, but better coffee. service not so great sometimes.

Kaffee Eis

Courtenay Place You can go far wrong with a trip to Kaffee Eis on Courtenay Place, the Bunker or around in Oriental Bay. With the best gelato and coffee in Wellington, some of the most friendly barristas. Don't forget to taste proprietor Karl's mums fresh sandwiches, they're a treat! (Recommended by Glynn Foster)

Eating and Drinking and Hacking

The Cross

near Southern Cuba street

Laptop + Hacker friendly (there are hackfests here at least once a week), you should be able to find power. Internet access is cafenet (same as the conference venue). Good menu, try the stonegrill - many great beers on tap. I recommend the Bookbinder (english bitter).. Also anything by Epic. (Recommended by Brenda Wallace and seconded by Tabitha Roder based on their love of our OLPC XOs and friendly staff)

Also, a great place for young children. There's an abundance of toy boxes floating around, and they even have face painting and children's games on Sundays. (also recommended by Andrew and Susanne Ruthven)