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About Cherie Carbines

This is Cherie's 3rd LCA, and this year she is a volunteer helper/dogsbody. She will be on the registrations desk at the beginning of things and helping to organise everyone at the Open Day on Saturday. She will also be helping Steven Ellis with their OpenMedia stand at the Open Day.

Arrival and Departure

  • Sat 16th Jan - 13:00 NZ429 from Auckland (Departs 12:00)
  • Sat 23rd Jan - 17:30 NZ464 to Auckland (Arrives 18:30)

Food and stuff

I am on the lookout for gluten free options, and will happily add any here that I find

  • TULSI Indian Restaurant. 135 Cuba Street.
  • a great range of vegetarian and dairy-free food
  • starters of Tandoori mushrooms and Tulsi aloo (potato and cumin) were amazing
  • Their mains - a Bhola Balti (NZ hot) and Lamb Dhan Sak came out as lovely, thick curries wiht plenty of flavour and the NZ hot Balti was perfect

I would recommend this restaurant for the food, and the prices are good (lunchtime and take away deals are available) they do BYO and there's a little mini-mart with a reasonable (not huge) selection of wines just next door.