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BOF for people interested in CRIs, CSIRO, Universties or similar research establishments

This will just be an informal discussion for issues that affect these sorts of establishments especially with relationship to FLOSS and Linux.

Please bring along any ideas for discussion.


Round the room introductions from:

  • Zane Gilmore (Plant & Food Research) nz food composition database , gov
  • John Giovannis (CSIRO) advanced computing CFD simulations etc
  • Ben (Avondale college) Newcastle
  • Sara Falamaki (CSIRO) software for large networks about to change lab
  • Pete (Monash Melboune) UCSD programming
  • Claudine (Uni Melb) - database of convicts in tasmania social science, db drupal
  • Matt (CSIRO) - earth science + resource eng. - electronics
  • Vince (CSIRO) - Aust telescope national facility
  • Daniel (CSIRO) - advanced computing
  • Mark Griffon uni

Anyone missed out? It's a wiki - fix it!

Topics covered

  • Standard operating environments
  • CSIRO sites
  • Synergy - software virtual KVM
  • SKA
  • top500 / green 500
  • LFNs bandwidth delay product