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Welcome to all Ham Radio operators to 2010.

New Zealand has favourable operating terms that will allow most visiting radio amateurs to operate on-air in NZ for up to 90 days with little administrative overhead. Bring your radio!

The New Zealand Association of Radio Transmitters is the national association for ZL's. Their site contains a useful information relevant to visiting hams, and the New Zealand Ministry of Economic Development (the agency responsible for radio licensing) host official information as regards reciprocal licensing.

Local Branches and Radio Resources:

  • Wellington VHF Group (ZL2WA, Branch 74 NZART) operate several repeaters and beacons in the Wellington area (ref ) - their website may be of interest. Of note is the Belmont repeater site, hosting an 2m repeater (147.100+) which has excellent coverage of the wider Wellington area. The 70cm repeater at Mt Victoria (439.500-) should provide excellent service in the area of the conference.
  • Upper Hutt Amateur Radio Club (ZL2VH, Branch 63 NZART) operate a 2m repeater above Upper Hutt (147.300+) which is accessible via IRLP (#6931) and can be worked across the Hutt Valley and parts of central Wellington. For more information refer to
  • Lower Hutt Amateur Radio Club (ZL2HV, Branch 18 NZART) operate a 2m repeater above Lower Hutt (147.000-) which can be reliably worked within the Wellington and Hutt Valley areas. For more information refer to

Repeater Offsets in New Zealand are as follows:

  • 2 Meters Up to 147.000Mhz: -600khz
  • 2 Meters from 147.005Mhz-147.995Mhz: +600Khz
  • 70 centimeters: +5Mhz

Wellington based amateurs known to be attending LCA2010 include Jim Pye ZL2PU and Mark Foster ZL1VMF, who both contributed to this page. Feel free to ask us for assistance.

BOF session

It was suggested on the lca2010-chat list that a bof session be held. Anyone want to organise it? Can be anything from a room with a whiteboard to a bar with beer.

Interested in Attending

If your interested in attending a bof, record your name below.

  • VK5FOSS (Karl Goetz)
  • ZL2UMF (Brenda)
  • ZL1VMF (Mark Foster)
  • ZL4TRS (Robin Sheat)
  • ZL2PU (Jim Pye)

Information for VKs

According to the WIA only the advanced licence meets CEPT. Standard/Foundation calls can not operate in ZL under the reciprocal licencing system.