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Welcome to all Ham Radio operators to 2010.

New Zealand has favourable operating terms that will allow most visiting radio amateurs to operate on-air in NZ for up to 90 days with little administrative overhead. Bring your radio!

The New Zealand Association of Radio Transmitters ( is the national association for ZL's. Their site contains a useful information relevant to visiting hams: - and the New Zealand Ministry of Economic Development (the agency responsible for radio licensing) host official information as regards reciprocal licensing at the following URL:

Local Branches and Radio Resources:

  • Wellington VHF Group (ZL2WA, Branch 74 NZART) operate several repeaters and beacons in the Wellington area (ref ) - their website may be of interest. Of note is the Belmont repeater site, hosting an 2m repeater (147.100+) which has excellent coverage of the wider Wellington area. The 70cm repeater at Mt Victoria (439.500-) should provide excellent service in the area of the conference.
  • Upper Hutt Amateur Radio Club (ZL2VH, Branch 63 NZART) operate a 2m repeater above Upper Hutt (147.300+) which is accessible via IRLP (#6931) and can be worked across the Hutt Valley and parts of central Wellington. For more information refer to
  • Lower Hutt Amateur Radio Club (ZL2HV, Branch 18 NZART) operate a 2m repeater above Lower Hutt (147.000-) which can be reliably worked within the Wellington and Hutt Valley areas. For more information refer to

Repeater Offsets in New Zealand are as follows:

  • 2 Meters Up to 147.000Mhz: -600khz
  • 2 Meters from 147.005Mhz-147.995Mhz: +600Khz
  • 70 centimeters: +5Mhz

Wellington based amateurs known to be attending LCA2010 include Jim Pye ZL2PU and Mark Foster ZL1VMF, who both contributed to this page. Feel free to ask us for assistance.

  • Please add or correct information as you see fit