Amateur (Ham) Radio in New Zealand

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Welcome to all Ham Radio operators to 2010

The association for New Zealand Amateurs is the New Zealand Association of Radio Transmitters (NZART) Their website is at and the page specific to visitors to New Zealand from overseas is at This page covers most of the details of what callsign to use and other restrictions to operating while in New Zealand.

Other useful information:

Local Branches of NZART in the Wellington Region are:

2m Repeaters in New Zealand use a +-600 offset and the repeaters around the Wellington Region are:

  • Lower Hutt 700 (147.000) Located above Lower Hutt
  • Belmont 710 (147.100) Located above Lower Hutt
  • Climie 730 (147.300) Located above Upper Hutt - IRLP 6931


  • Please add or correct information as you see fit