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Call for Papers are now open!

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WELLINGTON, New Zealand – Monday 29 June 2009 – announced the opening of its Call for Papers for LCA2010. isn't just a Linux conference. It is a technical conference about Free and Open Source Software, held annually in Australasia since 1999 - covering everything from the Linux Kernel and the BSDs to, from networking to audio-visual magic, from hardware hacks to Creative Commons.

"The presentations that make up our programme are important to, they give our speakers an excellent opportunity to inform a highly technical audience about the new advances they've made," says Andrew Ruthven, LCA2010 Director. "We're proud of hosting LCA2010 in Wellington, New Zealand and look forward to seeing an exciting array of presentation and tutorial submissions, that not only educate our delegates but also challenge and motivate them."

If you would like to take this opportunity to submit a paper to LCA2010, please visit for more information.

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LCA2010 Announces First Keynote Speaker: Benjamin Mako Hill

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The 2010 organising team is proud to announce the first keynote speaker for LCA2010!

Our first speaker has a distinguished reputation in the free software world, with significant contributions to Debian, Ubuntu and OLPC across a variety of areas including development, policy, advocacy, activism, education and writing. He is an active board member with several non-profit organisations including The Free Software Foundation and Software Freedom International, and he is involved in the global discussion of copyright, software patents and free culture.

We'd like to welcome Benjamin Mako Hill as our first confirmed keynote speaker for LCA2010!

For more information about Benjamin Mako Hill see:

About is one of the world's best conferences for free and open source software! The coming, LCA2010, will be held at the Wellington Convention Centre in Wellington, New Zealand from Monday 18th January to Saturday 23rd January 2010. LCA2010 is fun, informal and seriously technical, bringing together Free and Open Source developers, users and community champions from around the world. LCA2010 is the second time has been held in New Zealand, with the first being Dunedin in 2006.

For more information see:

About Linux Australia

Linux Australia ( is the peak body for Linux User Groups (LUGs) around Australia, and as such represents approximately 5000 Australian Linux users and developers. Linux Australia facilitates the organisation of this international Free Software conference in a different Australasian city each year.

For more information see:

Emperor Penguin Sponsors

LCA2010 is proud to acknowledge the support of our Emperor Penguin Sponsor, InternetNZ.

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Call for Miniconfs are now open!

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WELLINGTON, New Zealand - Monday 15th June 2009 - announced the opening of its Call for Miniconfs for LCA2010. Miniconfs provide the opportunity of hosting 1-day mini-conferences on a variety of topics that run for 2 out of the 5 days during The Call for Miniconfs will remain open until 17 July 2009, after which time successful Miniconf Proposals will be notified and the best twelve selected to be included on the programme for LCA2010.

"Miniconfs are an important part of each year, and provide a great opportunity to host an entire day of sessions specific to a topic", says Andrew Ruthven, LCA2010 Director. "We're proud of hosting LCA2010 in Wellington, New Zealand and hope to see a variety of Miniconf Proposals to showcase the technical expertise of world's leading experts in free and open source software. When you gather IT experts together like this, the collective energy can help shape the future direction of emerging projects and developing technologies. That's what LCA2010 is all about – people getting together and making a difference".

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Call for papers and mini-confs coming up!

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It's time to get your thinking cap on, the call for papers and the call for mini-conferences open next month!

  • Call for mini-conferences: 15 June 2009
  • Call for papers opens: 29 June 2009

Keep your eyes open for the official announcement coming soon!

Helpers mailing list

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One of the important aspects of is the people that put it together, I'm not talking about the core team, but all the helpers that do odd jobs here and there and let us put a rocking conference on.

We've just created a mailing list for our helpers during the year to subscribe to so that we can start contacting you. If you want to help out, then head over to lca2010-helpers and subscribe!

At this stage the helpers mailing list is for those people that are going to help us during the year. The Call for Volunteers for helping during the conference will happen later.

contact email now working

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As some people noticed wasn't working for the past week. This was partly due to a minor technical issue (it helps if you create the alias) and mostly due to me not having access to the Internet for the past week while holidaying in Hobart following LCA 2009.

This has been resolved now... Visits Wellington in 2010!

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Wellington, New Zealand will host in 2010! The announcement was made today at the 2009 conference currently being held in Hobart, Tasmania.

"This is a hugely popular gathering of the world's leading free and open source experts, and the bids to host the next are always really strong. This year was no exception,” said Stewart Smith, President of Linux Australia. "Wellington is an excellent location for the increasingly inaccurately named" Originally an Australian conference, Wellington will be the second New Zealand city to host, making this a truly Australasian conference. "The Wellington team is dedicated, understands linux, and has a real passion to show us something really special in 2010," Mr Smith said.

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